My Story

Leah Faure Exhibition “Whether at a distance.. ”,  Aug 16- Oct 11

“Looking at the world through patterns brought things together for me.  Whether from a distance, looking a whole bridge structure in one glance at the leaves between blossoms…  They seemed infinite.”

Portland Artist Leah Faure expresses her love for pattern in contrasting ways.  With a strong love for Portland and its beautiful architecture, she is drawn to its industrial areas and quiet neighborhoods.    Intricate flower paintings, also echo this pursuit of pattern.

Leah Faure’s art career began at Portland State University following a love of painting, drawing and photography.  She stays active in the art community, working for years in the art supply industry.  “This career path has given me a window into the art life and projects.  It has also given me a wealth of knowledge used in my art.”    

Leah paints predominantly in oil, interchanging between direct painting and old master glazing technique.   Her love for architecture is strong.   Leading her to document several building in Portland’s industrial areas as well as commissions for house portraits, documenting people’s personal homes.

In this show, Leah seeks to point out the existence of nonobvious pattern, in the quiet world around us.  “I did not speak much as a kid, or in my twenties.  The world was there to be observed and seem complex enough without speaking.  Although I have remedy this and enjoy express myself now, my paintings express that quiet, still world of observation that will always be with me. “   She enjoys the more intimate structure of flowers, often ones she observed while on walks in the city.  This is in contrast with the quiet but ominous patterns of buildings standing over head.